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Get the best products to finish pools.

Starting with the world’s most beautiful pebble finish plasters and continuing to our newest product, Exposure Magic, a superior alternative to muriatic or sulfuric acid. We also offer everything you need to finish right, including plaster supplies and a custom applicator build specifically to work with Exposure Magic.

Exposure Magic ™

After plastering your pool, the next step is exposing properly to get the color you desire. Exposure Magic is a non-acidic solution that removes film and gets your pool looking amazing.

Exposure Magic ™ offers a superior alternative to muriatic or sulfuric acid for exposing plastered pool finishes. It’s non-hazardous and safer for crews and the environment. It saves time, revisits and labor while producing brighter, more vibrant and more consistent finishes for your pool.

Features include:

  • Hangs on vertical surfaces for better finish exposure
  • No limited surface contact time & no oxidized pigments
  • Full body protection & respirators not required
  • Can be safely discharged on grass
  • Virtually eliminates plaster dust & other start-up issues when used properly

Exposure Applicator

Designed to work specifically with Exposure Magic, field tested by our professionals.

Holds 5 gallons of Exposure Magic ™

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