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ExposureMagic Certification

Welcome to your ExposureMagic Certification. You can take this test as many times as you need, and a perfect score is required to pass. You can change your answer at any time during the test.

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1. What is step 1 for using Pool Wash?
2. What is step 2 for using Pool Wash?
3. What is step 3 when using Pool Wash?
4. What is step 4 when using Pool Wash?
5. What is step 5 when using Pool Wash?
6. What is step 6 when using Pool Wash?
7. What is step 7 when using Pool Wash?
8. What is step 8 when using Pool Wash?
9. What is the average square foot coverage for every 1 gallon of Pool Wash?
10. How many pounds of Sodium Bicarbonate should be used for every 10 gallons of Pool Wash?

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