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Pool Wash™ Offers a Superior Alternative to Muriatic or Sulfuric Acid for Exposing Plastered Pool Finishes

It’s non-hazardous and safer for crews and the environment. It saves time, revisits and labor while producing brighter, more vibrant and more consistent finishes for your pool.

  • 100% Strength
  • Less Start Up Times
  • No burn, no fumes
  • Eliminates Plaster Dust
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Non-corrosive and non-hazardous
  • Less Warranties
  • No damage to summer kitchen or screen enclosures
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Hangs on vertical surfaces for better finish exposure
  • No limited surface contact time & no oxidized pigments

How it Works

When the plastering crew finishes their job, the pool finish is completed. The following day after the plaster curates, calcium deposits will come to the surface which appear as a grey streaking over the top of your finish.



Pool Wash removes this calcium without damaging the pool finish or plaster below. In the past, crews would use Muratic Acid which damages the plaster, the environment, and risks the health of pool workers and those surrounding the area. Also, this toxic acid would leave your pool with streaks, footprints and plaster dust.

Thankfully, Pool Wash removes these risks and provides a superior and brighter finish for your pool.



The procedures and steps you follow to use Pool Wash are simple, safe and easy to follow. You can download the complete step-by-step Plaster-Logic-Pool-Wash-Procedures Document_Here.

Once you have prepped the area and begin to saturate the surface of the finish with Pool Wash, you will use a bristle broom or brush to break down and remove the calcium deposits from the surface and expose the color of your pool finish.

After completing the pool wash process, you need to now saturate the surface with sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the chemistry so there will be no imperfections during startup. This process also makes all waste from the Pool Wash process environmentally friendly for your garden and surroundings. 


Next you want to start top down and lightly power wash the surface of the pool. You don’t need a strong power wash that will streak the surface, just a light even wash to move out any residue. Work your way towards the bottom drain. Once this process is completed, blow out any standing water, and your pool is ready to be filled.


Pool Wash Purchase Options

For every 450 square feet we recommend 5 to 7 gallons of Pool Wash. If there is a spa with the pool, the same Pool Wash can be use on the spa.

The bigger the job, we recommend you start with 100% Pool Wash and then after the second recycle, water can be added at about 25%. You can recycle this 75% pool wash until you are satisfied all of the surface is clear and the pool finish is exposed. 

55 Gallon Drum

$990 + Shipping

275 Gallon Tote

$4,812.50 + Shipping

Robert, PlasterLogic

Start Ordering and Receiving Products Today

Ordering with Plaster Logic is simple and stress free. We provide premier customer service and ship directly to you.


Learn from our team at Tempool Inc. on how to use and handle Pool Wash effectively. Training’s are in-person, and cost $200/day per-person.

Training includes:

  • Preparation
  • Start-Up
  • Plaster
  • Pool Wash
Candi_Plaster Logic Testimonial 1

“The Pool Wash has made the process tremendously easier and better. There are no fumes for workers, it doesn’t damage the environment – it is a lot safer, better product. A lot less wear and tear on the filter and the pool equipment. It is amazing stuff and it helps with your startup and gives you a perfect beautiful plastered pool!”

– Candi Moorman, Crown Pools

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