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Your one-stop shop for hundreds of pool finishes, including Quartz, Pebble and Polished.

Quartz Pool Finishes

A beautiful alternative to marcite, quartz combines enriched white Portland cement and colorful, ceramic-coated quartz aggregates, which can be used in all types of pools from residential to commercial. With a wide variety of sizes and pigments, quartz provides limitless options for a one-of-a-kind finish.

Krystalkrete® is made from nature’s finest materials to create the most luxurious quartz pool finish in the world. Available in 16 distinctive colors that will transform your pool into a breathtaking masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for traditional elegance, contemporary flash or something in between, nothing captivates the imagination like Krystalkrete.

Pebble Pool Finishes

This dynamic blend of hand-selected pebbles and other aggregates creates a durable finish, adding just a touch of traction for active pool goers. With a variety of texture options, creating a lagoon-like environment that complements natural surroundings is a breeze.

SunStone® Pearl smooth pebble pool finish takes any pool to new heights of dazzling luminescence. This unique new finish combines smaller, delicate hand-selected pebble aggregates with reinforced white Portland cement. The result is a pool finish that feels as smooth as the surface of a precious pearl.

SunStone Pearl Ice combines the strength, durability, and smoothness of Sunstone Pearl with the added shimmer of iridescent glass bead. SunStone Pearl Ice is available in 8 new incredible finish options, giving you a wide range of beautiful water color possibilities.

Our CrystalStones® collection delivers brilliant water color with a durable, natural pebble pool finish. Available in two pebble sizes, Natural and Smooth, we offer 28 gorgeous finishes. CrystalStones Smooth pebble finishes, provide an evenly textured surface, by utilizing a smaller pebble size that is easy on the skin, yet extremely durable. CrystalStones Natural pebble pool finishes utilize a larger pebble size which provides a natural, soft sandy beach feeling to the skin, while providing maximum durability.

CrystalStones Smooth pebble pool finishes, provides an evenly textured surface, by utilizing a smaller pebble size that is easy on the skin, yet extremely durable.

Polished Pool Finishes

Polished marble consists of blended white marble aggregates, graded color aggregates, and other composites to achieve a silky smooth, yet non-slip, finish. Popular for “entertainment pools” and spas, our Hydrazzo line is highly sought after for its luxurious feel.

Hydrazzo® was the first polished finish in the industry, and has set the premium standard in pool finish innovation. A silky smooth texture, combined with the proven durability of exposed aggregates, are two prime features of this state-of-the-art pool finish.

Hydrazzo® Classico is a one of a kind polished marble pool finish. Hydrazzo was the first polished finish in the industry, and has set the premium standard in pool finish innovation. With a silky smooth texture and a natural variegated appearance this finish complements all poolscape designs. Classico adds colored glass accents to the original formula. Hydrazzo is known for timeless beauty and easy maintenence in any environment.

Hydrazzo® Pacifico is our most dynamic product line to date. By utilizing the highest quality raw materials available, Pacifico becomes the most luxurious and smoothest polished marble pool finish in today’s marketplace. Pacifico uses aggregates that are larger than standard Hydrazzo and smaller than Classico, making application and polishing easier than ever. With eight unique colors, Pacifico delivers elegance that is unmatched in the industry.

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